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Your external I.T. department

Profit from our experience
Installation, maintenance, networking and cheerful customer service are only a few of the skills we bring during every visit.

We're IT generalists with 30 years' experience in the business. American Information Tech can be your external IT department for disaster prevention, data recovery, complete on-site and mobile networking, and repair.

Running smoothly day-to-day

Operating a business or small organization takes lots of time. Stay effective and profitable by making sure that all of your software, computers, phones and tablets work together efficiently. When you get our services, you will have more time to do what you do best: Running the show, not fussing with it.


30 years' experience

The Bottom Line

Every small business with two or more computers needs a network professional. Visiting your office a few hours a month, we will give you the advantages of your own I.T. department.

In addition to preventive maintenance, we will suggest ways to use technology to improve productivity. As we know more about your goals, we will communicate ideas in easy to understand English conversation.

The most important tool of information management.

Complete recovery of your system is possible if you have a backup to work from. We can rebuild your hard drive and your corrupted software. We can even rebuild your network.

It requires skill, luck, and a bit of magic.

Information is your lifeline. Restoring data like your accounts receivable, your client or patient records, or database of valuable leads is a challenge unless they are properly backed up. To ensure the viability of your critical information, the first thing we do is back up your material.

Security & Maintenance

Let us help protect you. There are many new threats, more annoying or dangerous than ever. Prevent all types of attacks, or remove them.

  • Ransom-Ware
  • Virtual Keypad identity theft
  • E-card Identity theft
  • Phishing has evolved to Vishing
  • Viruses
  • Worms
  • Spyware, Trojan horse adware & new attacks of all types
Network Integration & Engineering
We install, maintain and trouble-shoot small business networks.

We'll make it so you can access your office network or data from home or the road.

We can integrate
  • Your Windows and Macintosh computers
  • Your wireless network and devices
  • Your phones (Android, Blackberry, iPhone) or business  phone system
  • Your tablet devices
  • Your website
  • Your home connection to the office, etc.
Sourcing Equipment and Software
  • We find the best deal for your company or organization and  order for or with you.
  • We only sell our services.
  • We only charge for time and installation.

Intro Offer: Free data backup
at your office!

Get acquainted with our services.
The first visit is free!

No obligation, no catch.
Most small businesses know how important backup is, but postpone it until catastrophe happens. We show you how to safeguard your valuable data. In your home office, too.

American I.T. will back up your most important computer data and give it to you on a disk or a flash memory stick. The first visit is free. Let us show you how we can help you in the future.

The free memory device will contain your most critical information, vital to your business – the information that you cannot afford to lose. The data never leaves your office. We also can instruct your associates to understand and perform the proper procedures of sensitive, privileged data protection, including up in their cell phones, laptops, and tablet devices.

We would like to visit your office a few hours a month and give you the services of an in-house I.T. department.

Please call if you need more info.